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Erik's passion for photography goes back 50 plus years, starting with an ancient Kodak Brownie Reflex film camera his mother gave him, then rangefinder and SLR film, small format digital,  DSLR's, and more recently mirrorless cameras.  Many years working with film gave Erik an appreciation for capturing nature's beauty as true to life as possible with a minimal amount of editing, and that approach has persisted in his use of digital cameras. Many images displayed were captured in the Pacific Northwest, where the region's mountains, beaches, deserts, abundant wildlife (particularly birds) and beautiful cityscapes serve as constant inspirations.  Erik has taken his photography from an enthusiast hobby to the professional level. His canvas photo enlargements provide wall decor for medical offices in Eugene, Keizer and Portland, and have been exhibited at Palace Coffee Bakery in Eugene, including for a Friday Art Walk.

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